Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stan At Lee

I'm 21 years old and im still in college. a brief description of me would be: im about average, i do get noticed. im not that gwapo but one can say "may dating" ako kahit papano. i had lots of flings, short-lived relationships with girls but i had never had the chance of having sex with any of them. cause another description of me would be that im a gentleman. just a simple physical description of me, just so youd have a better imagination: im about 5"7, fair in complexion, dark hair, dark brown eyes, and with a smile that always gets people's attention.
since ive been going to the gym for the past 1 year, ive started to gain bulit, but i do still have some flabs on the lower abdominal region. thats the hardest part to tone!.
my story would begin just a month ago. and most surprisingly it would include one of my closest guy friends whom we'll name stan (not he's name)
well stan and i have been friends since 2nd yr high school.. and that would be right about 8 years ago. to describe stan: he's a bit taller than me, more toned, chinito, fair just like me, and one one call him the real POGI. he's a pretty boy, sporty, and witty. ever since stan and i became friends we have been like brothers, he's like the brother that ive always prayed of when i was a child.
i have always fantasized about stan, but since i was also into girls i didnt dwell onto that too much. he on the other hand , ive never thought he'd fantasized about me too... never! that just a month ago. my kuya had his birthday party at our house, since it was only the two of us living togeteher with out our parents, no one to scold or stop us in what ever we wanted to do, he decided to throw his party at our house, just to make the party a lot fun, my kuya let me invite my own set of friends. so in the night of the party, food and DRINKS were over flowing, and there were also around 30 guest mine and my kuya's friends.
i invited stan ofcourse, he together with our barkada have been very close to my family already. since we knew that we would get drunk and that stan's house is a long drive from ours,kuya adviced him that stan should just sleep over at my room, just like what he always did before when we were in highschool. we had too much to drink... redhorse, tequila, gin and redhorse! we all got drunk and enjoyed the night!... i always get drunk easily so when i felt that i could drink anymore i decided to go up my room.
i went to my room changed into my boxers, turned on the aircon and jumped into bed. a few minutes after when i was already slightly groggy i heard my door open and Stan when in and i also heard that he locked the door, but that didnt mean anything to my that while, hes just probbly too drunk already. with my eyes closed i heard him unbuckling his pants, he then lay down on my side. a few more minutes passed now i definitely sleepy when stan went on calling me in whispers, he took the pillow that i had covered on to my face and kept on calling onto me , while i can feel his hand gently pressing on my balls, i thought that time that i was only dreaming so i didnt bother. then out of now where i felt his hand carefully sliding into my boxers and carressing my dick. it made me give a little jerk. i got surprised, he them took my right hand and inserted it into his briefs, i felt that he's too hard now, probably he's been horny all night, percum was already seeping out from his hard dick. he then gently kissed my lips and i felt his tongue enter my mouth. he tasted alchol, ofcourse beacuse of the bottles and bottles that we drank i startd kissing him and it was realy glorius. i love the feeling. he then when down pulled my shirt up and then lick my nipples, then my tummy the my navel until he pulled my boxers down and started on my dick which had also had a hard on. it was my first time, first time that someone was actually blowing me, i never imagined that of all the people it would be stan. it was heavenly. i had a hard time stopping my self from cumming right then and there.

i then gave back the favor, i went down on him and started blowing his dick. i loved hearing his soft moans. "sarrrraaap"... uhhh. ammm." we then kissed and kissed some more, a couple of time did we exchange sucking each other's dicks, we have decided that there wont be penetration. it was too much for us. we ending the night we me kneeling in front of him and blowing my cum out on his chest, he cummed lying down. it was a site to see him with his eyes closed and with a little naught smile on his face and moaning while hot white cum errupted on his hard dick.. it was a night to remeber... the week after that my kuya went somewhere for a week for his work so i was left alone in our house. i invited invited stan and guess what... we did it over and over again.... i just love my bestfriend! his the best .. we called those night when we'd fuck each other our bonding moments. and it was kept a secret of us two.... rigth now im starting to date another girl, and i really like her.. but once in a while kung nalilibog ako or kung st stan nmn ang nalilibog, we just text each other and start with our bonding once agein. the last bonding we had was inside his car with the storm pouring outside. we had no chance doing at our house coz my kuya is back home while his family if ofcourse at their home. pero libog na libog na kami nun e.. so we opted to have an adventure in his car! hehehe

Readers senxa if medyo me wrong grammar at mahirap basahin. nagmamadali ako. this is a true story... promise! call me LEE nga pala
...ill tell you agad if wed have another bonding!

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